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Example of a Transitional Object

While watching a grandmother and her 1-1/2-year-old granddaughter the other day, the following occurred: The little girl was hungry and tired and began melting down and crying. She asked for her little stuffed animal, her [...]

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The Wright’s Are Right About Parenting

The following quotes are from David McCullough's wonderful book The Wright Brothers (2015). QUOTE #1 What a marvelous remark about parenting. And notice the emphasis on encouragement and curiosity – technically the positive affects, [...]

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From the Spouse of a Person Who Suffers with Depression

The following is a heartfelt and insightful letter written by a husband whose wife suffers from depression.  I've found with spouses of seriously depressed people that one really has to insist strongly that [...]

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Loveys, Stuffed Animals, and Pets

As you well know, children often have a teddy bear or some other fluffy animal or lovey to which they become very attached. You probably had one yourself. These are significant objects in a child’s [...]

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Kids and Tech: When and How

by Amelia Watkins In the last decade or so, media itself has become obsessed with the condemnation of technology and social media. A quick Google search yields dozens upon dozens of articles lamenting society’s [...]

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The Curious Human

Interest, or curiosity, appears to be one of the nine or so feelings—or responses to stimuli—with which we are born. Interest is crucial to our learning, exploratory activities, and creativity. The psychologist Sivan Tomkins has [...]

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