In this section, we want to present topics that are of interest to teens and emerging adults—through the eyes of their peers.

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The Spot Articles

These are a selection of articles for teens and emerging adults written by their peers.

  • Consequences of Underage DUI

The Consequences of an Underage DUI Charge

By Deevra Norling Let’s say it’s the weekend and you’re celebrating a football game win, or hanging out with your friends at a party. If that party becomes too crazy–and anyone underage consumes alcohol–they [...]

  • Reflections on Year One of Community College

A Reflection on Year One of Community College

My first year of college was substantially different than I had anticipated, in ways both good and bad. For starters, I chose to attend community college mere weeks before the semester began. I had received [...]

  • A Community College Success Story

A Community College Success Story

Choosing to go to a community college after high school instead of a four-year university was not an easy choice for me to make and caused me a lot of anxiety. With so many [...]

Is binge drinking worth the health risks?Is Binge Drinking in College Worth a Lifetime of Damage and Health Issues?

For various reasons, college students are at significant risk of binge drinking and, as a result, are forced to face the costly and long-lasting effects on their health, education, and careers.  Check out this infographic detailing many facts and effects of binge drinking.

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